Apply to Headstart

How to Apply

Eligible families meet limited income guidelines as shown below and/or receive TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), or SSI (Supplemental Security Income).  Also, foster children or children whose familes are considered homeless are eligible.  PACT reserves no less than 10% of enrollment slots for children who have special needs, regardless of income.  PACT serves families up to 130% of the Poverty Guideline; and up to 10% of enrollment slots may be children over those income guidelines.  Generally, PACT completes applications with families whose incomes are under these guidelines, and families whose incomes are not more than $5,000 over these guidelines.

                   2019 Income Guidelines (Yearly)

 Family Size

 100% Poverty Guideline


























Interested families are encouraged to apply and eligibility will be determined by program staff.  For more information, e-mail Sara Mixer at or call 1-800-443-7228 or 217-773-3903. Enter the following information so that a PACT program staff member can contact you to apply for services for pregnant women and children through four years of age.