Success Stories

Following are some of the comments that parents made when completing the Family Satisfaction Surveys at the end of program year 2008-09:


Danielle and Jacob – Parent and Child Together

A Head Start Parent Success Story

Danielle Barnes, a Head Start parent at our Macomb Center, and I recently talked about her experience with our program. She and her sons have been enrolled in Early Head Start and Head Start for the past three years. Danielle has finished an associate’s degree and is currently a student at WIU pursuing a bachelor’s degree. She is celebrating over four years of staying clean. Before that she abused drugs and spent numerous years in that struggle. Go to this link to read more about Danielle’s story,

When asked how being a part of the Head Start program and the Macomb Center community has benefitted her family, Danielle kept coming back to one main theme. The support, assistance, and education that she has received from her children’s teachers and the Macomb Staff has made the most difference in the past few years. Being able to partner with the teachers and staff, on a continuous daily basis is one aspect of the Head Start program that Danielle appreciates. The staff, who have her children’s and her family’s best interest at heart,  have been valuable to her in staying on track with school and in her most important role, mother to Jacob and Kaleb. She also said that getting information on child development and different strategies to help her sons grow and learn has been helpful to her as a parent.

The staff at PACT is glad to congratulate Danielle on her success and also glad to be able to provide her with tools, education and encouragement to keep being the most important teacher in her children’s lives! PACT staff also helps her to set goals for herself, one of which is giving back to her community. Danielle wants to inspire and help other people. She says if one person can learn something from her experiences then her struggles weren’t in vain.

Submitted by Shanna Edison, Assistant Director